No one knows the origin of the biblical names given to the large-sized bottles of Champagne. Our version goes as follows: When Jesus is born, sumptuous gifts are offered to the newly born by the Magi, among them Balthazar, a descendant of the Babylonian kings.

A large bottle of Champagne is an exceptional present for an exceptional occasion. From there to ascribing to each container the name of a king from ancient Persia it was only a single step, said to have been taken by Champagne growers at the end of the last century.

As far as the Primat is concerned, being the sole producer of this container we have chosen a Gallo-Roman name closer to our terroir. Primat from the Latin Primat : of the first order. As for the Melchizedek, here we return to the Babylonian tradition.

Maison Drappier is unique in carrying out the prise de mousse, the remuage and the individual disgorgement of every single bottle from the half-bottle to the Melchizedek. Through this traditional technique the wine is guaranteed an exceptional freshness and an exceptional finesse of effervescence.